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Swak Zahnbürste Version 3.4
Swak Zahnbürste Version 3.4
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I'm sure you haven't thought about dental care that way yet. The (travel) toothbrush with the catchy name "Swak" offers you a completely new and yet ancient way of oral hygiene. The Swak has a small replaceable head made of the root wood of the toothbrush tree Salvadora persica. The hygienic, antibacterial root woods, also known under the name "Miswak", originate from the Arabian deserts and have been used for dental care for thousands of years.

A step in the right direction
Since the inventors of the Swak attach great importance to sustainability, the company commissioned a junior research group from the Institute for Bioplastics and Bio Composites at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover to develop the right material for the handle. With regard to ecological and economic factors, the young researchers produced a toothbrush handle from bio-based plastic based on lactic acid. Unlike petroleum-based plastics, polylactic acid (PLA - Polylactide Acid) is obtained exclusively from renewable raw materials such as corn starch or sugar. Depending on the combination, this produces plastics with different properties. The handle is injection moulded. For better handling, it is slightly angled, similar to the instruments of a dentist. While the handle should last as long as possible, the heads are replaced regularly.

With calm and care - but without water
The Swak toothbrush with the small Miswak brush head is a natural precision tool that combines the properties of a conventional toothbrush and toothpaste. The wood naturally contains tooth-protecting and tooth-cleaning substances and no water is needed to clean teeth with the Miswak. That makes it the perfect outdoor toothbrush!

How to "swak" right
To brush your teeth with the Swak, simply moisten the frayed brush head briefly with saliva. Then brush each of your teeth with the soft head. Take your time for it. With your tongue you can feel whether all inner and outer surfaces are clean. If they are smooth and feel good, you have been successful!
  • Material handle: bio-based plastic on polylactide acid basis (PLA)
  • Material brush head: Miswak, root wood of the tree Salvadora persica
  • Tooth care ingredients and effects:
    • Flourid: enamel-curing
    • Silicate: gentle plaster grains
    • Vitamin C: preservative
    • Tannins: astringent (astringent / anti-inflammatory)
    • Saponins: soil-dissolving
    • Flavonoids: antibacterial
    • Calcium, Potassium: remineralizing

  • Avoids plastic waste
  • Head change only required every 4 to 8 weeks
  • Cleans gently and effectively
  • Brushes each tooth individually
  • Comes easily to hard-to-reach places
  • Ergonomic handle, shape based on dental instruments
  • Also works without water and toothpaste
  • Also ideal for children thanks to natural substances
  • Good alternative to regular toothbrush
  • Made in Germany
The Miswak as raw material is widespread in the bush savannas of Africa, in the Orient and in East India. The Miswak used here is mostly root wood of the toothbrush tree "Salvadora persica" and is harvested in Pakistan under fair conditions and imported by the German company Swak Experience UG. The raw material is an extremely sprawling shrub which is available in such quantities that there are hardly any plantations, because almost everything is collected wild. According to the manufacturer, even a strong increase in demand would not lead to an over-exploitation that would endanger the existence of the plant.